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Free Ordering Website for your Restaurant, Takeaway or Ghost Kitchen

Delivety provides you with a free-hosted full-featured white-label food-ordering website for converting new visitors into loyal customers
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Free Ordering Website for your Restaurant, Takeaway or Ghost Kitchen

The ordering website you want without dev time and cost

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  • With Delivety, you can create your very own food ordering website in just a couple of clicks, complete with your domain name and already connected to your Delivety Dashboards, so that no further integration is needed
  • This modern design website is mobile responsive, constantly evolving and regularly being updated to comply with the highest of industry standards. Focused on conversions and customer loyalty, it is a direct result of the thorough A/B testing and research we’ve conducted in recent years
  • With your Delivety food ordering website, you can easily match your brand identity with the logo, colors, fonts, and more. The process is highly customizable, and you can add more pages (and even a blog, if needed) to help users learn all about the food that you deliver
  • In the food delivery industry, you have to stay ahead of the competition. That’s why we’ve made sure that your Delivety food ordering website is also lightning fast, to ensure a great customer experience and love from search engines, to gain higher positions in their search results than your competitors
  • It’s your website, and your customers can order with ease without ever having to leave your page.  And the most exciting is, it also comes free!
Food ordering website designed to convert better

Enterprise-grade features included

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  • Fully integrated with the Delivety online order management system, enabling you to effectively manage the entire website menu directly from the Menu Builder, with menu sections, dishes, prices, search filters, and even dishes sorting order on a web page. The website is also integrated with the stop-list, so that once your kitchen has run out of certain ingredients, it will be able to temporarily hide the appropriate dish from the website menu until your kitchen is once again ready to supply that dish
  • Your Delivety food ordering website has tons of other professional features included, all of which are ready and working “out of the box”. Your customers will be able to customize their dishes, as well as use searches and filters to get what they want faster and easier than ever before
  • Delight your customers with promotions and coupon codes!  Give loyal customers fast checkout, the option to save their payment methods, delivery addresses, and more. There also exists a customer cabinet to make the whole experience great from start to finish
  • Delivety food ordering website has also an integrated AI recommendation engine and an array of other sophisticated perks to be found under the hood, including: regular updates,  security features,  multi-page SEO optimization, and more
Food ordering website with enterprise-grade features included

Ready to accept online payments

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  • The Delivety food ordering website is ready to accept online payment via PayPal. All you have to do is enter your PayPal Client ID and Secret in the Payment section of the Settings menu
  • Although PayPal is a very convenient way to pay even for people who don’t have a PayPal account, more integrations are on the way, so very soon you will be able to choose from many more
Food ordering website ready to accept online payments

Prefer to keep using your existing website with Delivety?

No problem, just use our API - it’s really simple to implement, so you can start using Delivety within a day

Common Questions

How can I connect my domain name with the Delivety website?

First of all, you have to log in to your Delivety Admin Panel and then click on your Domain. Make sure you’ve entered your Domain name there exactly as the name of your website. Next, you have to select “Receive orders from the existing website”, and then two nameservers will appear. You will need these in the next step. 

The next step is to log into your domain registrar admin panel. Domain registrar is the company you have used to register your domain name with (Domain.com, Bluehost, GoDaddy, Namecheap, Hover, Dynadot, e.g.). In your domain registrar admin panel, you have to find the NS (Name Servers) records. Click and replace them with the ones that we’ve provided for you in the first step. And then that’s it! The procedure takes no longer than two minutes, and now if you type your website name into the browser address bar, you will see your Delivety website. 

Now, open your Delivety Admin Panel and proceed to your Domain settings. You will see that your website settings have now appeared there, so that you can customize your website as you wish.

How can I customize my Delivety website?

First of all, we recommend that you adjust the colors and fonts according to your brand guidelines, Once that’s done, set your working hours,  minimum order amount, and PayPal ID, to enable your users to pay with credit cards. We also recommend adding your social media links and checking your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages to ensure that they comply with your local laws (you can amend them in the way required by your country’s laws). You can also add some additional pages about your food delivery and some blog posts, if needed. 

The next step is to populate your website with dishes. Proceed to the Delivety Menu Builder and add your dishes from there. It’s also recommended to add some delivery fees, if you have any.  You can apply them automatically if you wish - see the appropriate section of your Delivety Website settings.

What are the best practices for food delivery websites?

  1. Focus on your customer. It’s obvious, that your food delivery website has to be comfortable for your customers to place the orders. But you have to go beyond this and ask yourself what else can be done to get rid of a “friction” between your customer intentions and your website logic. In other words, place yourself in the customers’ seat and try to imagine their various needs, now try to convert these needs into orders. Have you been successful in all of them? How many clicks did it take? Did every step feel logical? What can be improved? Now use your answers to change your website for the better. Then repeat the process. Iterate as many times as needed. In Delivety we analyzed the real customers’ behavior for years to provide you with best-in-class food delivery websites.
  2. Keep your menu updated. Your menu must be consistent across all channels,  and it can be a painful and ineffective process to try and update it manually, both on your website and in your order management system. However, with Delivety, this is no longer the case. Once you have made any change in the Menu Builder, it automatically updates your website menu. 
  3. Integrate with an online order management system. Your website orders have to be managed in one place, in order to avoid any human mistakes that can be quite typical when you have to change multiple items parameters to two or more systems. However, you can easily eliminate these mistakes by using the Delivety Website, which is fully integrated with the Delivety online order management system and acts as a part of it. Now, the change made to the dish will automatically affect it everywhere, from the website to the kitchen dashboard.
  4. Deliver on your promises. You can promise a lightning-fast delivery to make your website visitors more likely to place orders. This is a  common tactic that is used much more often than this “lightning-fast delivery” happens, in reality.  The good intentions to deliver faster often break apart once they collide with order handling, kitchen and assembly mistakes, delivery delays, and unfortunately result in customer dissatisfaction.  Delivety helps you reduce these delays to zero, so that you can always be sure to deliver on your promises. 

How our hosted food-ordering website compares to the key market players

With Delivety, you will get a beautiful food-ordering website hosted on our platform with your domain name.

Key market players
Domain name
Your brand name as a domain name, as in your-brand.com
A subdomain name of the platform’s website, like your-brand.platform-name.com
Hosted for free on our secure servers
Provided as an additional option. You have to pay extra for them to host your website.
Several promotion types with adjustable logic included
Provided in some solutions
Payment processors
You can use your preferred payment processor (PayPal, Stripe, etc). Delivety don’t charge any commissions for your online orders.
You have to use the platform’s payment processing and pay commissions accordingly (from 1.5% to 7%).
Branding, Promotion Banners, Modifiers, Filterable Dish Tags, Blogs, Pages, SEO Optimization, Customizable Menus, Page Blocks, and Footer Images.
Separate features or their combinations are provided in some solutions
Ease of setup
It takes minutes and a couple of clicks to create a food-ordering website and it’s always up to date to your menu, thanks to the Delivety Menu Builder.
It takes some time to set up and fill it out with your menu.
Free Trial
A 30-day free trial including all features alongside unlimited orders, locations, and users
Limited to free-trial plan’s basic features
Price per month
Free for up to 300 orders per month, or $49 per month for up to 5,000 orders per month
Starting from $199 with one food-ordering website included

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