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Transactions Dashboard

Monitor orders and payments processing, perform cash flow analysis, facilitate collections, and quickly access essential financial data.
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Transactions Dashboard

Comprehensive transaction report covering any specified time frame

  • A user-friendly tool for identifying problematic transactions and determining their underlying causes
  • Complete control over client settlements through a convenient dashboard that accommodates all conceivable payment methods, including cash, card, bonuses, points, and other creative solutions devised by your marketing team.
Transactions Dashboard for food delivery

Instant access to comprehensive cash flow information

  • Effortlessly track cash inflows and outflows to maintain adequate liquidity to meet daily operational requirements and liabilities
  • Assess operational risks and implement measures to minimize them
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the current financial status, including incoming and outgoing balances, turnover, cash balance, and bank balance, to inform decision-making.
Customizable templates to streamline your export tasks

Effortless transaction search and generation capability

  • Utilize the search function to locate desired transactions based on any of their parameters
  • Easily identify transactions using their unique transaction IDs
  • Generate required transactions, such as collections, as needed.
Customer database export

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