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Assembly Dashboard for Food Deliveries

Reduce waiting times and deliver faster. Get everything done on time with trackable statuses for every stage of the “order journey” to greatly reduce your lead time.
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Assembly Dashboard for Food Deliveries

Take control over the time you need to assemble the order

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  • Delivety’s Assembly Dashboard helps the prepared dish to get into its order as fast as possible
  • The Assembly Dashboard features a simple and intuitive interface that empowers your employee to assemble several orders simultaneously, making sure every dish arrives on time and in place
Food delivery order time control

Every action is undertaken right on time

  • The Assembly Dashboard shows orders sorted by the time that they have to be ready, so that the most urgent orders are able to make it out for delivery first
  • On the other hand, it also shows how many dishes out of the needed quantity are prepared but not yet assembled, so that they can then be handled immediately
Assembly Dashboard for food delivery

No more missed dishes in orders

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  • The Order Assembly worker taps the appropriate check-boxes each time they receive the dishes and place them into the appropriate order bags
  • The Assembly Dashboard also helps your staff not forget to include the right supplies (utensils, napkins, toothpicks, sauces, etc.)
  • The Assembly Dashboard allows the printing of the check, and whether all of the dishes and supplies are assembled into the order they belong to, so that you can be sure nothing is glanced over or left out
No more missed dishes in food delivery orders

How to easily manage kitchen workflow with Delivety

Manage everything in one place with Delivety
  1. Setup your Delivety account Get started with Delivety on any device
  2. Create an Order Assembly user Create a user and assign them the Assembly Dashboard
  3. Reduce waiting times needed for dishes to be assembled into orders Provide your employees with a powerful tool for assembling multiple orders simultaneously, and with zero mistakes

Common Questions

What is the best device to use with the Assembly Dashboard?

We recommend using an Android tablet or iPad for the Assembly Dashboard.  Used versions of these devices are perfectly suitable, too. However, if you don’t have one, then any Android phone or iPhone will also work wonderfully. 

Another option is to use a touchscreen with any computer. The computer doesn’t have to be fast or new - it just has to be reliable enough.

What is an IT system to manage food delivery services?

Delivety is an online IT system for your food delivery business which comes complete with lots of advantages. First of all, it doesn’t require any IT staff to launch and maintain it; in fact, you can easily launch it yourself within a couple of minutes and use practically any devices that you already have, such as computers, tablets, and even phones.

Secondly, unlike restaurant IT software, Delivety has been created from the ground up with the food delivery business in mind, so it has all the necessary components necessary to ensure a flawless “order journey”: the Operator Dashboard to manage the orders, the Kitchen Dashboard to prepare the dishes ontime, and the Assembly Dashboard to assemble dishes and supplies on the orders with nothing being missed. 

How do you reduce the IT costs of the food delivery business?

It could prove to be quite a challenging task to keep your IT costs low, as you need someone to manage your computer systems. With Delivety, however, you can keep your IT costs not just low, but close to zero. There is no need for servers, computers, routers, and other complicated equipment eating into your profits with their IT costs. Instead, you can simply pay-as-you-go and use Delivety with any compatible device that you already have (or you can purchase used ones). All you need is a check printer and a couple of tablets and/or smartphones. These could be even your employees’ devices, as Delivety is a completely BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) compatible system.

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