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Free Kitchen Display System (KDS) for your Restaurant, Takeaway or Ghost Kitchen

With Delivety, it’s easy to set up kitchen workflows in the most efficient way for your cafe, restaurant, ghost or cloud kitchen
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Free KDS for your Restaurant, Takeaway or Ghost Kitchen

Distribute dishes across cooking stations automatically

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  • You can set up kitchen workflows with only a couple of clicks, so that once the order is received, the dishes are then distributed automatically to the appropriate cooks’ kitchen displays. But here in Delivety, they are more than regular kitchen displays, they are interactive Kitchen Dashboards full of useful functions.
  • The number of workflows you can set up is unlimited, and so are their potential combinations. You can have one cook preparing both salads and burgers, while the other one is taking care of salads and pizza, for instance
  • With Delivety, you can also unify the orders from all your ordering channels to reduce the number of devices in the kitchen and escape “tablet hell’’, because now, each of your cooks is able to easily see all of the ordered dishes on a single device, instead of spread across many different screens
Distribute dishes across kitchen screens automatically

Support for multiple kitchens: send orders to the kitchen located closest to the customer

  • Should you have many kitchen facilities across the city (or even the country!), you can set up multiple locations to distribute the orders accordingly
  • Once the operator drags-and-drops the order into the location nearest to the customer, the order’s dishes will then appear on this locations’ Kitchen Dashboards
Multiple restaurant kitchen display system

Get all your dishes cooked just in time: neither too early or too late

  • Forget the inefficient paper ticketing system. Now your cooks will be able to see the dishes appearing in the order in which they have to prepare them
  • Each dish on the Kitchen Dashboard has a “time left” parameter which updates in real-time, helping the cooks prepare their dishes right on time
  • Identical dishes are combined automatically if they need to be prepared by a similar time, so that they can be cooked together to lower labor and ingredients costs. The integrated dishes calculator also helps cooks handily keep track and prepare the necessary quantity of each dish
  • The Kitchen Dashboard also shows customer and operator comments alongside the dishes in order to help your cooks prepare the dishes in a way that is uniquely tailored to your customer’s desires
Kitchen display system to get dishes cooked just in time

Easy onboarding and training of new cooks

  • Should a question arise on how to prepare a particular dish, the cook can then tap it on their Kitchen Dashboard to obtain the full information that they need: the recipe and the ingredients, the package and the accessories, and even the photos of the dish itself
  • In case there is some information missing, the cook can tap the complaint button so that the chef will be immediately notified to provide some assistance and correct the recipe using the Delivety Recipe management system
Kitchen display system for easy onboarding and training of new cooks

Keep your menu updated on the fly effortlessly

  • Once your kitchen runs out of something, there is a stop list in place to address the issue. A cook can send a dish to the stop list with a single tap on the screen
  • Moreover, they can add the dish to the stop list based on the additional rules. For instance, once the sushi chef knows that they can only prepare ten Philadelphia rolls by the end of the day, they will then set the rule to automatically add Philadelphia rolls to the stop-list once ten of them have been ordered. Or, as another example, the burger cook can set the burgers to be removed from the stop-list automatically in 30 minutes, precisely by the time the fresh buns have been prepared
  • On top of that, the stop-list also affects the list of dishes the operator can offer to customers, ensuring that stop-listed dishes will no longer be ordered. Should you have a Delivety Website, the stop-listed dishes will be seamlessly removed when they are added to the stop-list, so that your customers will only order the dishes that you can currently prepare
Kitchen display system helps to keep menu updated on the fly

How to easily manage kitchen workflow with Delivety

Manage everything in one place with Delivety
  1. Set up your Delivety account Get started with Delivety on any device
  2. Create Kitchen users Create the kitchen users (your cooks) and assign them the Kitchen Dashboards alongside the Dish Types that they will be preparing
  3. Easily keep track of the dish flow Get a better understanding of how long the dishes are being prepared by each cook in your kitchen in order to optimize the workflow and lower your labor costs

Common Questions

What kind of devices can I use for Kitchen Dashboards?

The main advantage of Delivety is that it can be used with any internet-connected device with a web browser to work in your kitchen. The cheapest (but very convenient) solution is to use any Android tablet or iPad  (not necessarily a new one) with a magnet holder attached to a cooking table or shelf. Another option is to use any phone (yes, your cooks can use their own devices!) with a magnet holder. By opting for one of these approaches, you can deploy Delivety in your kitchen within a single day!

Bear in mind that a tablet or phone is not the only potential solution, and that any computer with a touchscreen can be used just as easily. As long as you can launch a web browser on your existing POS terminal, you can use it as well. 

How do I effectively run and manage a food delivery service?

Although success in the food delivery service comes from many components of effective management, there are still some crucial points to consider. You have to keep your customers delighted with the ordering process, from having an easy and convenient way to place their order to the on-time delivery of the exact dishes that they ordered. Needless to say, hot dishes have to be warm, while cold dishes have to stay chilled, and all of them together have to arrive to the customer tasty and nice. 

This process, from start to end, is called an “order journey”, and needs to be well-managed in order to be successful. Delivety is the online management system for food delivery businesses that helps you keep all of your “order journeys” at your fingertips and your customers delighted. 

What is the best restaurant delivery software?

If you are running a restaurant, you probably have some POS terminals, and your kitchen works with either kitchen terminals or paper tickets. And if you have tried to dip into the food delivery business, you’ve probably noticed how ineffective your current system is for managing delivery or takeaway orders. 

There is nothing wrong with your restaurant software, it just wasn’t designed with the delivery business in mind. So if you are serious about food delivery, you need Delivety, an online order management system for food delivery businesses that handles your delivery orders from a convenient website for your customers to the Kitchen Displays that enables your cooks to easily prepare exactly what the customer desires, and from an Assembly Dashboard for getting the orders dispatched in full to the Operator Dashboard for managing them all. 

Unlike any POS terminals, Delivety allows your employees to work using any device - even their smartphones (a technology called BYOD - Bring Your Own Device).

How our kitchen display system compares to the key market players

With Delivety, you will get a KDS on any device you already have without spending a dime.

Key market players
Compatible devices
Any device including your kitchen staff members’ phones.
You will need a proprietary KDS terminal in most cases.
Number of users
Limited to the number of purchased POS terminals and/or pricing plans and/or staff accounts
Manageable flows for multiple Kitchen Display System (KDS) screens
Not provided
Order Assembly Dashboard
Not provided
Recipe Viewer
Provided in some solutions.
Order fees from 1.5% to 7%
Ease of setup
It takes minutes to set up. Your kitchen staff can start working in orders once you activate their accounts.
It takes days to set up. You will need to purchase KDS terminals and pay for setup engineer visits in most cases.
Free Trial
A 30-day free trial including all features alongside unlimited orders, locations, and users
Limited to free-trial plan’s basic features.
Price per month
Free for up to 300 orders per month, or $49 per month for up to 5,000 orders per month

From $199 to $249 per month for comparable subscription plans

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