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Free Website for your Restaurant

Get a beautiful website for your restaurant supercharged with Menu Builder, Operator Dashboard, Kitchen Display System (KDS), Reports & Analytics, and many other perks.
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Free Website for your Restaurant

Get a restaurant website with its own POS optimized for food delivery

Everything your restaurant needs in one simple but powerful solution: food-ordering website, operator dashboard, menu builder, recipe editor, courier management, KDS, order assembler dashboard, reports & analytics, and much more.

Organize your delivery workflow

We aren’t selling an app, we’re selling technological supremacy over your competitors.
Easily manage your workflow
Easily manage your workflow
Set up users, domains, locations, dish types and interfaces to automate the flow of processes.
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Spend less time on order handling to reduce the workforce costs
Spend less time on order handling to reduce the workforce costs
Spend less time on order handling to reduce the workforce costs
Thanks to the Delivety Operator Dashboard, a single operator can easily handle up to 200 orders per eight-hour shift, so that you can reduce your workforce costs.
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Automatically distribute dishes across cooking stations
Automatically distribute dishes across cooking stations
Automatically distribute dishes across cooking stations
Support for multiple kitchens: send orders to the kitchen closest to the customer and get all of your dishes cooked just in time: neither too early or too late.
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Reduce human error to zero and deliver faster
Reduce human error to zero and deliver faster
Reduce human error to zero and deliver faster
Have orders properly assembled and ready for delivery just in time with the Delivety Orders Assembly Dashboard.
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Build a food delivery ordering website
Build a food delivery ordering website
Build a food delivery ordering website
With Delivety, you can build your very own food delivery ordering website, which comes pre-integrated with your Delivety Dashboards from day one!
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Recipes for chef and cooks
Recipes for chef and cooks
Recipes for chef and cooks
Your chef can easily create and edit recipes on their screens, with all of the data being updated across the whole system.
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Menu Builder reduces the time to market for new dishes
Menu Builder reduces the time to market for new dishes
Menu Builder reduces the time to market for new dishes
Create, edit, and update your menu with all the tools you need at your fingertips. You can even change the look and sorting order for dishes to appear on your website.
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Eliminate bottlenecks with powerful analytics and reporting
Eliminate bottlenecks with powerful analytics and reporting
Eliminate bottlenecks with powerful analytics and reporting
Determine weak points in your delivery process to optimize how your employees deal with orders.
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Safeguard your data
Safeguard your data
Safeguard your data
Your employees can only access the information they need to, according to their role, and no one can download or copy any of this information.
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Exchange data with confidence
Exchange data with confidence
Exchange data with confidence
Delivety makes exporting your data to any third-party software in the exact way that it’s needed easy and intuitive.
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What’s included

Your restaurant food delivery operations at your fingertips
Optimized for online ordering

Restaurant Website

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  • Level up your restaurant website with powerful tools to enhance your operations, engage your customers, and increase your orders.
  • With Delivety, you can boost your brand with a fully customizable - and free! - restaurant website. Design a beautiful site that reflects your style and maximizes your marketing, along with food ordering and promotions available directly from your domain name.
  • Delight your customers with a dynamic, easy-to-navigate online menu, created by our Menu Builder. Delivety’s drag-and-drop features make for an easy buildout, while search features and dish recommendations provide a seamless ordering experience.
  • Foodies are constantly scoping out new dishes to explore. Help new customers discover your brand through SEO-friendly content integrated into your site.
  • As orders come in, you can manage their status and delivery timelines from anywhere through our mobile-friendly Operator Dashboard.
Food-Ordering Website Optimized for Cloud Restaurants
Manage all your restaurant orders in one place

Operator Dashboard

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  • Keeping your deliveries on schedule is key to your success. Delivety’s Operator Dashboard streamlines your workflow by collecting both your online and offline orders within Delivety’s Kitchen Display System.
  • Once received, orders are arranged on the KDS, so your team can immediately spring into action.
  • While each order is being prepped and processed, you’ll gain real-time insights on your delivery timeline and the status of each order.
  • Delivety works on any device, helping you stay locked in with your team from anywhere. For online orders, you can even call a customer from the Operator Dashboard.
  • And with our built-in CRM, you’ll have visibility into key information like customer order history.
Operator Dashboard to Manage all your restaurant online orders in one place
Automate your restaurant kitchen workflows

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

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  • Digitizing your orders can improve efficiency and enhance your customers’ experience.
  • Our KDS takes the guesswork out of the delivery process, by assigning dishes to their proper stations and keeping your team on schedule. The KDS works on any device, including your staff’s mobiles.
  • Keep your workflow on point with orders that are automatically divvied out to your cooks according to their specialty: for example, orders for rolls are sent to your sushi chef, and pizza to your pizzaiolo.
  • All of the details for each dish are stored in Delivety’s KDS, including recipe notes, packaging, and photos of each menu item. Your team will have all the info they need to create consistently delicious dishes, assembled correctly for transport.
  • In the weeds? No worries. Your orders will populate on the KDS in the order they need to be prepared, helping you stay in sync with your delivery timeline.
  • As each dish is coming together, your team can stay on schedule with the KDS countdown timer. And once prepared, the dishes will automatically appear on the Order Assembler Dashboard.
Kitchen Display System (KDS) to automate your restaurant's workflows
Unique dashboard to reduce human errors to zero

Order Assembler Dashboard

  • No matter how bustling your kitchen may be, our Order Assembler Dashboard makes order assembly a breeze. Your team can put together multiple orders at once, with all the insights you need to stay organized and on time.
  • The Order Assembler Dashboard is mobile-friendly, providing support at the touch of a button.
  • The dashboard’s checkbox feature helps your team keep track of which orders are packaged and ready to go, and those that still need dishes or accessories.
  • Just like your kitchen staff, your assembly team will also have access to the countdown timer, to help ensure orders stay on schedule from kitchen to courier.
  • Once your orders are completed, your assembly team can print the receipt from the dashboard and then pass the order over to dispatch.
Order Assembler Dashboard to reduce human errors to zero
AI-powered Last Mile Delivery

Courier Management

  • From traffic to weather events, your couriers face a host of challenges during this stage of the order journey. Our Courier Management solution helps ease the stress of the delivery process, while providing the tools your team needs to get the job done.
  • First up: quality control. Upon pickup, your couriers can scan QR codes on your delivery bags to make sure the correct ones are heading out.
  • Our mobile-friendly Courier WebApp maps out the most timely route for each courier, and assigns deliveries to couriers based on their location and current workflow.
  • A good delivery is one that’s fresh and on time. Our courier management tools help you streamline your delivery time - which is sure to delight your customers.
Courier Management with AI-powered Last Mile Delivery
An innovative tool to manage your restaurant menu

Menu Builder

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  • An online menu is essential for any culinary endeavor. Delivety provides you with a free website for your restaurant, which can be optimized by our super simple Menu Builder. Create a delectable snapshot of your menu offerings, and host it directly on your site.
  • With our Menu Builder’s drag-and-drop features, you can easily plug in photos, descriptions, and prices for all of your menu items. You can also create modifiers like dish sizes or ingredient add-ons, so your customers can customize their orders.
  • Launching a new dish is always exciting, and it’s important to launch efficiently. When you make updates to your menu, they’ll immediately roll out to both your restaurant’s website and your Operator Dashboard. Your customers can start ordering right away, and your staff will be ready to meet their demand.
An innovative tool to manage your restaurant menu
Train your restaurant staff fast

Recipe Editor & Viewer

Along with a free restaurant website and tools to help you optimize your kitchen and delivery workflow, Delivety provides a secure hub to store your recipes and training notes.

Whether you offer seasonal menus or just love introducing new dishes, your library of recipes may change often. With the Delivety Recipe Editor, you can display all the info your cooks need to create a dish, from photos and ingredients to instructions on cooking and packaging.

Our Recipe Editor helps keep everyone on the same page. As you build out your menu insights, they’re automatically updated to your KDS.

Although your menu items may change, each dish needs to be consistent in taste and presentation. Providing detailed instructions from your chef to your team helps support the training process. And if your team members need a refresh while on shift, that info can be pulled up in an instant.

Our recipe management system also keeps your secret sauce secure. Once stored in the editor, your recipes can’t be printed or downloaded - helping to ensure your creations don’t land in the hands of competitors and copycats.

Recipe Editor & Viewer to train your restaurant staff fast
Measure. Improve. Repeat.

Reports & Analytics

  • From a free restaurant website to intuitive delivery solutions, Delivety provides the tools you need to manage your orders and build your brand. And our Reports & Analytics can help you visualize trends and challenges over time, so you can resolve issues and improve efficiency.
  • When you have a million plates spinning at once, it can be tough to discern the overall momentum of your business. With Delivety’s Reports & Analytics, you’ll gain insights on sales, deliveries, late times, and more. These workflow analytics can help you reduce errors, better understand your customers, and better prepare for busy seasons.
  • And as you scale your business, these metrics can be a major resource. You can review data for your brands separately, or bundle them together for a more comprehensive view.
Reports & Analytics to obtain better insights

Let’s start!

  • Click the button below to create your Delivety Admin Panel in mere moments
  • We’ll guide you through the process, so that you can quickly start using our online food delivery management system
  • Once things are all set up, you can them take your first order to the system over the phone, for example
  • Should you need to receive the orders from your existing website(s), there is an easy-to-implement API using webhooks that your developers can seamlessly set up in a matter of a couple of hours
  • Don’t have a website? We can create one (or more) for you within a minute! The Delivety Ordering Website gives you the ability to create and manage everything on your website directly from your Delivety Admin Panel and Menu Builder

Yes, we support food delivery startups!

If you are just starting your restaurant delivery and doing fewer than 300 orders per month, the Delivety Basic subscription comes at your favorite price – free!
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Supported devices

The most exciting thing about Delivety is that it can easily be deployed within a couple of hours using your existing devices. This is made possible thanks to the fact that it runs as a web application and can be used anywhere, via any web browser or device that is connected to the internet.
  • We recommend using tablets or similar touch-screen devices; however, even a phone can be used to successfully run any Delivety dashboard, and you can easily implement a BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) approach in your company
  • Any PC or Mac computer will be perfectly-suited for using the Operator Dashboard and Admin Panel. For Assembly and Kitchen Displays, we would recommend a 10”+ tablet or a thin client plus touch-screen monitor using a Chrome browser in Kiosk Mode (our favorite!)
  • All kinds of POS printers are supported, and you can intuitively configure what your checks look like
Supported devices for food ordering system

How we compare to the key market players

With Delivety, you will get a true all-in-one and easy-to-scale solution for less

Key market players
Compatible devices
Any device, including computers, phones, and tablets for any dashboard or any user role.
You will need a proprietary POS terminal in most cases. Some platforms provide an Android and iOS app for the order management dashboard only.
Number of users
You are limited to the number of purchased POS terminals and/or pricing plans and/or staff accounts.
Number of locations
You are limited to the number of locations in your subscription plan or you have to create a separate account for each location.
Number of brands
You have to create a separate account for each of your brands.
Hosted food-ordering website
Full-featured professional website with your brand name as your domain name
A basic food-ordering website with your domain name limited to a subdomain name of the platform’s website.
Manageable flows for multiple Kitchen Display System (KDS) screens
Not provided
Order Assembly Dashboard
Not provided
Recipe Editor
Provided in some solutions
Order fees from 1.5% to 7%
Ease of setup
It takes minutes to set up. You can launch Delivety on any device immediately once the account is created.
It takes days to set up. You will need to purchase POS terminals and pay for setup engineer visits in most cases.
Free Trial
A 30-day free trial including all features alongside unlimited orders, locations, and users
Limited to free-trial plan’s basic features.
Price per month
Free for up to 300 orders per month, or $49 per month for up to 5,000 orders per month

From $199 to $249 per month for comparable subscription plans

Delivety is the easiest way to manage your orders

Its Operator Dashboard, interactive kitchen screens, beautiful free food ordering website, and powerful analytics, without a doubt make Delivety the tool of choice for food delivery businesses in 2023
Start your 30-day free trial today