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Recipe management system

With the Delivety Recipe Editor, your chef can create and manage dishes all in one place, complete with photos, ingredients and accessories lists, packaging, and much more
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Recipe Management System

Creating new dishes

  • It has never been easier to create a dish! With our recipe management system, every dish parameter is manageable and editable: ingredients come with gross and net, and so do accessories, so that you can keep track of stock consumption for any inventory in any given period
  • Photos, packaging and many other miscellaneous categories can also be added, to ensure that the dish will be prepared exactly the same way in which it was conceived
  • The type of dish can also be set to explain the system of who exactly has to cook it once it has been ordered. This will then automatically direct the dish to the appropriate cook’s dashboard
Creating new dishes with the Delivety recipe management system

Managing dishes

  • Your menu is flexible and ever-evolving, and the Delivety Recipe Editor helps you make all the changes necessary to your dishes with just a couple of clicks, to save valuable time
  • Setting up dish variants is an available option too, and it is also very easy to manage by using the dish modifiers
  • All changes are propagated immediately, so that your kitchen staff can see the updated recipes instantly  
Managing dishes with the Delivety recipe management system

Training the kitchen staff

  • Delivety’s Recipe Editor helps your cooks learn new dishes fast and effectively
  • It only takes a tap on the screen for cooks to clarify any details they need about a dish they’re about to prepare
Training the kitchen staff with the Delivety recipe management system

Common Questions

How do you train kitchen staff for the delivery business?

It’s quite common that a food delivery menu is very flexible and changes often. New dishes come in, while less-successful ones go out. So, your cooks have to be ready to deal with the new dishes and learn how to prepare them quickly. Nevertheless, there will sometimes be questions that arise when the new dish is being prepared for the first time. This is where the Delivety Recipe Editor comes in, to help cooks clarify any details they need, in regards to how the dish has to be prepared or packaged. It only takes one tap on the screen to get this information in front of the cook’s eyes.

How do you make knowledge sharing safe and secure in the delivery business?

This has always been a dilemma. On one hand, you need to share your unique recipes with your kitchen staff in the most effective way to enable them to learn the new dishes fast. On the other hand, however, you also have to be sure that your recipes won’t fall into your competitors’ hands via a cook who decides to leave one day. That’s why keeping the dish recipes printed out for all of the kitchen staff to see is not a good idea. So, then, what is the solution here? 

With Delivety’s Recipe Editor, all of your precious recipes are stored on the cloud, allowing your cooks to access them on their Kitchen Dashboard screens any time that they need them. However, they can’t be printed out or copied - and on top of that, a cook only has access to the type of dishes they have been assigned to prepare. All of these measures work to keep knowledge sharing safe and secure for your food delivery business. 

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