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Operator Dashboard: Fully Integrated Food Delivery POS

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Operator Dashboard: Fully Integrated Food Delivery POS

Receiving the orders

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  • With our food delivery dispatch system, called the Operator Dashboard, you can receive orders from any possible source, whether it be a phone call, a website order, a chatbot order, etc.
  • All of these orders are shown in the Operator Dashboard via a “cards view” that is sorted by the attention required at the exact given moment
  • The new orders are the first to look after, followed by orders with missed deadlines, orders with times that are approaching the status change, and finally, the “dispatched” status orders. At the end of the list, you’ll find the delivered orders
  • The statuses of these orders change in real-time, and so does the sorting. This helps the operator focus on the most attention-demanding orders without needing to scroll and search for them
Receiving the orders in the online food delivery dispatch system

Managing the orders

  • Delivety allows operators to manage orders with less effort. Most of the order journey is fully automated, while at the decision points, only a couple of clicks or a single drag-and-drop action assigns the order to a particular kitchen location or courier
  • The built-in CRM functionality enables operators to identify a customer via phone number, see their order history, and pull their address from the list of recent ones with only a couple of clicks. The operator can even call a customer or courier with a single tap on the screen, if Delivety is being used on a tablet or phone with a SIM card installed
Managing the orders in the online food delivery dispatch system

Monitoring each order’s progress

  • The operator can monitor order statuses and intervene when necessary to ensure that they are delivered on time
  • If an order is going to be late, it will immediately be brought to the operator’s attention in order to mitigate the issues or adjust the estimated time of delivery with the customer
  • There is also an intuitive search bar to help find any order fast using virtually any parameter, from a few digits from the phone number to several letters from the name or address, or even from the courier name or delivery time
Monitoring orders progress in the online food delivery dispatch system

How to easily manage orders with Delivety

Manage everything in one place with Delivety
  1. Setup your Delivety Admin account Get started with Delivety on any device
  2. Create the Operator user Create a user and assign the Operator Dashboard
  3. Easily manage and keep track of your orders Get a better understanding of how your orders are handled and where you can perform better

Common Questions

What is the best device to use for the Delivety Operator Dashboard?

This can depend on how often your operators have to call the customers. If phone communication with customers is essential for your business, then we would recommend using a tablet or a phone (yes, your operators can use their own phones to launch the Operator Dashboard!). That’s because the Operator Dashboard comes complete with integrated call functionality, so that your operators can call customers or couriers anytime with just one click.

If the operators do not conversate over the phone much, or you would prefer to continue using your existing phone system (PBX or VoIP), however, then a PC or Mac with a  widescreen monitor would be much better. In this case, your operators will be able to see up to 25 orders simultaneously. A standard monitor is quite enough for this, and it doesn’t even require touch screen functionality.  

What is the best CRM tool for a food delivery business?

Building strong relationships with customers is what makes a business successful. However, the food delivery business also has lots of traits that other businesses don’t have, so the CRM you are going to use needs to be one that is created specifically for food delivery. 

Delivety is a powerful all-in-one online order management system with CRM features included directly in the Operator Dashboard, where operators or dispatchers can see all of the customer data they need in order to enable successful interactions with customers: delivery addresses, order history, and much more.

How does a food delivery business receive online orders?

Having a website with an online ordering system is going to be the most important part of the order flow; however, other forms of online orders are rising now, as well, such as messengers, chatbots, Instagram, etc. Delivety helps concentrate all of the forms of ordering into one easy-to-navigate place with the Operator Dashboard, where the operator or dispatcher can manage the online and phone orders quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the extensive API, orders from your website will immediately appear in the Operator Dashboard, so that the operator can easily set times for kitchen staff and assign couriers in just a couple of clicks.

How important is the online food order management system for my restaurant?

There are numerous benefits that come with using an online food order management system. First of all, you can prepare and deliver your dishes much faster than before, because every stage of the order journey is now under control with firm timing, thus helping you to keep your customers satisfied and reduce labor costs. Second, this method is far cheaper than it would be to sell your delivery through the traditional food delivery aggregators that are eating into your profits with their 30% commission fees. Third, you can also grow your customer base and use it for marketing purposes to boost your revenue stream.  

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