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Reports and Analytics for Food Deliveries

Obtain better insights into your business processes. Delivety Reports & Analytics makes it simple to find and eliminate any bottlenecks in your workflow and enhance your performance.
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Reports and Analytics for Food Deliveries

Reports to monitor your success

  • Knowing what to improve creates a solid foundation for clarity, ease, and successful implementation, and Delivety Reports are here to monitor how successful these changes are
  • Once the analytics provide you with an understanding of the necessary improvements in your workflow, this is where the change management process begins, with every stage of the process requiring the before vs. after comparison of data
  • Delivety Reports allow you to compare key parameters for different given periods, so that you can measure your achievements in a convenient, accessible way
  • If you have multiple brands or food delivery businesses, Delivety Reports & Analytics will also provide you with comprehensive data and analysis for each of your brands separately - or for all of them altogether
Online food ordering system reports

Analytics to perform better

  • It’s clear that Delivety Analytics provides full insight into all your main activities, such as sales, orders, customers, average checks, customer retention rate, etc.
  • What’s more important, however, is that it gives answers to very specific questions that are crucial for any food delivery business: how long it takes to confirm the order, what the average late time is and what causes these deliveries to be late, how long your kitchen provides planned preparation time to the operator, and how long the operator provides ETA to the customer
  • Delivety Analytics shows you how long the ready-to-be-dispatched orders are waiting for their couriers, so that you can find out which circumstances these delays appear under and then work to eliminate them
Online food delivery system analytics

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