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Cloud Kitchen POS

All-in-One POS for Cloud Kitchens, Ghost Kitchens and Virtual Restaurants
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Cloud Kitchen POS

All-in-one Cloud Kitchen POS that works on any device

Everything your business needs in one simple but powerful app: food-ordering website, operator dashboard, menu builder, recipe editor, courier management, KDS, order assembler dashboard, reports & analytics and much more.

Organize your delivery workflow

We aren’t selling an app, we’re selling technological supremacy over your competitors.
Easily manage your workflow
Easily manage your workflow
Set up users, domains, locations, dish types and interfaces to automate the flow of processes.
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Spend less time on order handling to reduce the workforce costs
Spend less time on order handling to reduce the workforce costs
Spend less time on order handling to reduce the workforce costs
Thanks to the Delivety Operator Dashboard, a single operator can easily handle up to 200 orders per eight-hour shift, so that you can reduce your workforce costs.
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Automatically distribute dishes across cooking stations
Automatically distribute dishes across cooking stations
Automatically distribute dishes across cooking stations
Support for multiple kitchens: send orders to the kitchen closest to the customer and get all of your dishes cooked just in time: neither too early or too late.
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Reduce human error to zero and deliver faster
Reduce human error to zero and deliver faster
Reduce human error to zero and deliver faster
Have orders properly assembled and ready for delivery just in time with the Delivety Orders Assembly Dashboard.
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Build a food delivery ordering website
Build a food delivery ordering website
Build a food delivery ordering website
With Delivety, you can build your very own food delivery ordering website, which comes pre-integrated with your Delivety Dashboards from day one!
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Recipes for chef and cooks
Recipes for chef and cooks
Recipes for chef and cooks
Your chef can easily create and edit recipes on their screens, with all of the data being updated across the whole system.
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Menu Builder reduces the time to market for new dishes
Menu Builder reduces the time to market for new dishes
Menu Builder reduces the time to market for new dishes
Create, edit, and update your menu with all the tools you need at your fingertips. You can even change the look and sorting order for dishes to appear on your website.
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Eliminate bottlenecks with powerful analytics and reporting
Eliminate bottlenecks with powerful analytics and reporting
Eliminate bottlenecks with powerful analytics and reporting
Determine weak points in your delivery process to optimize how your employees deal with orders.
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Safeguard your data
Safeguard your data
Safeguard your data
Your employees can only access the information they need to, according to their role, and no one can download or copy any of this information.
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Exchange data with confidence
Exchange data with confidence
Exchange data with confidence
Delivety makes exporting your data to any third-party software in the exact way that it’s needed easy and intuitive.
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What’s included

Your entire Cloud Kitchen business at your fingertips
Optimized for Cloud Kitchens

Food-Ordering Website

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  • With Delivety, you can create your food-ordering website with a few clicks. And this is not just an ordinary ordering website but a powerful enterprise-grade, full-featured SEO-perfected website optimized explicitly for cloud kitchens. It’s even better than what the big companies are using.
  • Delight your customers with a fast checkout process and various payment methods. Sell more using dish modifiers and the AI-powered recommendation engine. Customize your website according to your needs: use your branding style, add combo meals and create weekly menu courses if needed.  
  • You can create it using your domain name, like your-brand.com or your-brand.delivety.com, if you don’t have your domain name registered yet. You can switch between these domain names at any time or even use both of them if needed.
  • Your new food-ordering website comes fully integrated with your Delivety Cloud Kitchen POS “out of the box.” So, once a customer places the order, it immediately appears in your Operator Dashboard. 
  • Does your Cloud Kitchen need more than one ordering website? No problem. You can have as many websites or as many brands as you’d like and manage them in one account. 
Food-Ordering Website Optimized for Cloud Kitchens
Manage all your Cloud Kitchen orders in one place

Operator Dashboard

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  • Delivety Operator Dashboard is a true discovery for any Cloud Kitchen. Unlike any other POS system, Delivety has been created and optimized specifically for food delivery operations. It is multi-channel, multi-brand, and multi-location by design;  this is exactly what you need to grow your cloud kitchen business fast. 
  • Your operators and dispatchers will easily manage up to 200 orders per shift thanks to powerful automation features and the direct integration of Operator Dashboard with Kitchen Display Screens (KDS) and Order Assembly Dashboard.  
  • With the Delivety Cloud Kitchen POS, you can get higher productivity, zero human errors, fewer labor costs and more profits.  
Operator Dashboard to Manage all your Cloud Kitchen orders in one place
Automate your Cloud Kitchen workflows

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

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  • Once an order is confirmed, it is distributed among your cloud kitchen staff automatically: Pizzaiolo gets pizzas on their kitchen screen, while your sushi chef gets rolls, etc.
  • Cooks can tap the dishes on their kitchen screens to read the recipe, see dish photos, double-check the ingredients or ensure the correct packaging.
  • With Delivety’s KDS, you can have as many kitchen users as you need and you don’t have to pay for extra Cloud Kitchen POS seats.
  • Moreover, you can save on the equipment because Delivety KDS runs on any device, including your kitchen staff's mobile phones! 
Kitchen Display System (KDS) to Automate your Cloud Kitchen workflows
Unique dashboard to reduce human errors to zero

Order Assembler Dashboard

  • Once your cooks have prepared the ordered dishes, it’s time to assemble these dishes into the order’s bags. And this is where Delivety Order Assembler Dashboard comes into play
  • The order assembler puts dishes into order bags and ticks the appropriate checkboxes on his screen. This ensures you don’t forget a dish or any other miscellaneous item. Once the order is assembled, the operator sees it on his dashboard as ready to dispatch
  • The Delivety Order Assembler Dashboard allows the assembly of multiple orders at once as dishes are prepared. There is no room for mistakes even when your cloud kitchen workload is extremely high as, with Delivety, it’s easy to assemble up to 400 orders per shift stress-free and without any errors.
  • Needless to say, that Delivety Order Assembler Dashboard runs on any device: a touchscreen PC, a tablet or even a phone.
Order Assembler Dashboard to reduce human errors to zero
AI-powered Last Mile Delivery

Courier Management

  • Once the order is assembled, it’s picked up by the courier appointed by the operator in the Operator Dashboard. With Delivety, courier management turns into a delightful AI-assisted process.
  • Each courier scans the QR codes of the order bags he or she takes for delivery. This ensures that only the needed bags were taken and no mistakes were made.
  • Once correct QR codes are scanned, your Operator gets the appropriate notification, the order becomes “Dispatched” and the delivery countdown timer starts. Thus, the operator easily controls each “order journey” stage, eliminating unnecessary waiting times.
  • Delivety’s Courier WebApp helps your courier to find the best routes to fulfill the orders in the fastest way possible and it only takes on tap on the screen to confirm that the order is delivered 
Courier Management with AI-powered Last Mile Delivery
An innovative tool to manage your dishes

Menu Builder

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  • Creating an enticing menu is easy with Delivety Cloud Kitchen POS. You simply add each dish with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop Menu Builder then return to optimize it every month to respond to how people order and provide feedback. 
  • Start with your Menu Sections, such as Burgers, Pizzas, Salads, etc. Then you add dishes to each section, upload a drool-worthy photo of the dish and enter its short and long descriptions. Finally, set the price for the dish.
  • Each dish appears on your food-ordering website as you publish them in the Menu Builder. Make sure you entice your customers with extra descriptions in the tags in Delivety, such as spicy or vegetarian. You can also add modifiers, like extra cheese or big size. And once you change a price or any other dish parameter in the Menu Builder, it changes across all the system immediately: your food-ordering website, Operator Dashboard, etc.
  • Our powerful Menu Builder will help you manage all of those tasks with much less effort. It was built to interact with your food-delivery website using our extensive API. Just set the same API ID that your website uses to every dish in the Menu Builder and it's all done! If you opted to use our food-ordering website, you don't even need to set up an API.
Menu Builder tool to manage your dishes
Train your staff fast

Recipe Editor & Viewer

  • Food delivery menus change often as consumer tastes change. New dishes come in, while less-successful ones go out. So, your cooks have to be ready to learn how to prepare new recipes quickly. 
  • When a new dish is prepared for the first time, the Delivety Recipe Editor helps cooks clarify any details they need for preparation or packaging. One tap on the screen puts this information right in front of the cook’s eyes.
  • Every dish parameter can be managed and edited, even ingredients’ gross and net or accessories. Add photos, packaging and many other modifiers to ensure that the dish appears exactly the same way it was conceived. All changes show up on Kitchen Dashboards instantly.
  • Never worry again about your staff stealing recipes. With Delivety’s Recipe Editor, all of your precious recipes are stored on the cloud. They show up on your Kitchen Dashboard screens but cannot be printed out or copied. All of these measures work to keep your secrets safe within your kitchens.
Recipe Editor & Viewer to train your staff fast
Measure. Improve. Repeat.

Reports & Analytics

  • Get better insights into your business processes with the Delivety Reports & Analytics. They make it simple to find and eliminate any bottlenecks in your workflow and enhance your performance.
  • Delivety Analytics provides full insight into all your main activities, such as sales, orders, customers, average checks, customer retention rate, etc. Even better,  it answers specific questions that are crucial for any food delivery business: how long it takes to confirm the order, the average late time and what causes these deliveries to be late and much more.
  • With those insights, you can then work out the bugs that slow down your kitchen and your deliveries. Knowing what to improve creates a solid foundation for successful operations in the future. 
  • Delivety Reports monitor how successful changes are and give you insights into the necessary improvements in your workflow by comparing data before and afterwards. Compare key parameters for different given periods, so that you can measure your achievements in a convenient, accessible way – for each brand separately or for all of them altogether
Reports & Analytics to obtain better insights

Let’s start!

  • Click the button below to create your Delivety Admin Panel in mere moments
  • We’ll guide you through the process, so that you can quickly start using our online food delivery management system
  • Once things are all set up, you can them take your first order to the system over the phone, for example
  • Should you need to receive the orders from your existing website(s), there is an easy-to-implement API using webhooks that your developers can seamlessly set up in a matter of a couple of hours
  • Don’t have a website? We can create one (or more) for you within a minute! The Delivety Ordering Website gives you the ability to create and manage everything on your website directly from your Delivety Admin Panel and Menu Builder

Yes, we support food delivery startups!

If you are just starting your Cloud Kitchen business and doing fewer than 300 orders per month, the Delivety Cloud Kitchen POS subscription comes at your favorite price – free!
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Supported devices

The most exciting thing about Delivety is that it can easily be deployed within a couple of hours using your existing devices. This is made possible thanks to the fact that it runs as a web application and can be used anywhere, via any web browser or device that is connected to the internet.
  • We recommend using tablets or similar touch-screen devices; however, even a phone can be used to successfully run any Delivety dashboard, and you can easily implement a BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) approach in your company
  • Any PC or Mac computer will be perfectly-suited for using the Operator Dashboard and Admin Panel. For Assembly and Kitchen Displays, we would recommend a 10”+ tablet or a thin client plus touch-screen monitor using a Chrome browser in Kiosk Mode (our favorite!)
  • All kinds of POS printers are supported, and you can intuitively configure what your checks look like
Supported devices for food ordering system

How we compare to the key market players

With Delivety, you will get a true all-in-one and easy-to-scale solution for less

Key market players
Compatible devices
Any device, including computers, phones, and tablets for any dashboard or any user role.
You will need a proprietary POS terminal in most cases. Some platforms provide an Android and iOS app for the order management dashboard only.
Number of users
You are limited to the number of purchased POS terminals and/or pricing plans and/or staff accounts.
Number of locations
You are limited to the number of locations in your subscription plan or you have to create a separate account for each location.
Number of brands
You have to create a separate account for each of your brands.
Hosted food-ordering website
Full-featured professional website with your brand name as your domain name
A basic food-ordering website with your domain name limited to a subdomain name of the platform’s website.
Manageable flows for multiple Kitchen Display System (KDS) screens
Not provided
Order Assembly Dashboard
Not provided
Recipe Editor
Provided in some solutions
Order fees from 1.5% to 7%
Ease of setup
It takes minutes to set up. You can launch Delivety on any device immediately once the account is created.
It takes days to set up. You will need to purchase POS terminals and pay for setup engineer visits in most cases.
Free Trial
A 30-day free trial including all features alongside unlimited orders, locations, and users
Limited to free-trial plan’s basic features.
Price per month
Free for up to 300 orders per month, or $49 per month for up to 5,000 orders per month

From $199 to $249 per month for comparable subscription plans

Delivety is the easiest way to manage your orders

Its Operator Dashboard, interactive kitchen screens, beautiful free food ordering website, and powerful analytics, without a doubt make Delivety the tool of choice for food delivery businesses in 2023
Start your 30-day free trial today